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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." On
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One person’s smile can change the world. May be not the whole world but their small world start now. Our
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On 21st of December, our school celebrated both Christmas and New Year. The celebration had taken place in the school
‘Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment’. Young children have an ocean of hidden talent amongst
The long-awaited event in the school is nothing but the SCHOOL ANNUAL DAY. It's the day that calls for celebration
The famous cartoon artist, Tiana has said, “Fairy tales can come true. You have to make them happen; it all
If only we listen to children carefully, we can get all the wisdom and knowledge that we need to survive
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It is said that, “Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the

Welcome to Bosco Maiyam!!!

BOSCO MAIYAM is situated in the union of Kalaiyarkoil, belonging to district of Sivagangai, on the Madurai to Thondi highway. This is about 80kms to the east from Madurai. This belongs to the Catholic Diocese of Sivagangai. The nearest town is Kalaiyarkovil, which is about 5kms from Bosco Maiyam and is on the way to Madurai. The prominent place nearby is Oriyur, which is about 45 Kms to the eastern side, a catholic pilgrimage centre. This is where St. John De Britto was martyred.


        Bosco Maiyam is surrounded by the villages that are dry and drought prone area. The population mainly depends on rain for cultivation and for their livelihood. Some of them are teachers and army men and they move to the towns to have access to facilities. Generally, the older people live in the villages and work on the fields.                   


           Most of the students from these villages are studying in the boardings in various places. Almost all the youngsters are out of the villages either for studies or for work. Students are inclined only towards becoming a teacher or army men or work in abroad. Most of the people are educated. Literacy level is rather high in this area. Government employees and other economically well off people prefer to live in nearby towns for the sake of convenience and educational facilities. They want to educate their children in matriculation schools and want other facilities like transport and shopping at reachable distance. People want their children to have English medium education by all means. In the recent times, because of our presence and our School, Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, the percentages of students passing their final exams have increased especially among girls. School dropouts have been reduced due to the presence of our orphanage. Morning study and night study in the school, evening study centers in the villages also contribute towards the same. All the students are given admission in our school but preference is given to the catholic students. Orphanage in Nedungulam is looked after by the Salesians. The SMA Sisters (Sisters of Maria Auxilium) are helping to look after the orphanage.

     There are two R.C. primary schools and two R. C. middle schools within the parish frontier under the Diocesan management and the correspondent-ship of the Salesians. Salesian sisters are running a Matriculation school at Puliyadithammam. From the Academic year 2017-18, Don Bosco Higher Secondary School is being upgraded with parallel state board English medium namely Don Bosco School for Accompanying the Young (DBSAY) to bloom, to flourish, to accomplish, and to cater to the education of the poor children.


       Today Catholics are holding various posts at the political level. Many of them are actively involved in various political parties for their own benefit. This has let people to be divided on the ideology of the political parties in the villages. Every election leaves its indelible mark on the people that perpetuate division and hatred among them. Political awareness of these people is rather very high.


        Bosco Maiyam is an agricultural area in the Kalaiyarkoil Union of Sivagangai district. People generally have their own land and houses. There are no rivers and hence people are depended on rain for cultivation. Few have open wells and bore wells of their own and try to manage their livelihood. Since the ground water is salty and contains more calcium content, drinking water is another difficulty. There are also lot of teachers and people serving in the army from this place. In some families at least one member is in abroad. The people in general are middle class and lower middle class. People of Nedaodai are mostly landless and coolie workers.

5. Religious

           The people are very traditional in their faith. Every village has a church and they celebrate their feast in a grand manner. In all the villages they have rosary in the evening and traditional morning prayers. We have various pious associations like the Vincent De Paul society, Association for preparation for happy death, Altar boys association, Marian groups and Youth Groups. Every village Church is maintained by that particular village itself. The parish priest has no say whatsoever in the administration of the churches. The priests celebrate mass for the people and administer sacraments. As for now, people have started to seek Christ. They are regular to Church and religious activities. They feel the need for religions transformation in the village and they come to the parish for Eucharist on Tuesdays and Saturdays in big number. Some of them are recommending us to celebrate Eucharist on Sundays.

      In the recent years the community has addressed the problems of the different villages. In Pallithammam, we have commenced to celebrate the funeral mass in the church after 15 years. In Puliyadithammam, ten families who were isolated from the village were amalgamated. 

Fr. George Fernandez SDB