1.History of the House

The Salesians came to Bosco Maiyam in 1989. Fr. Vincent Durairaj, then provincial of Chennai province was invited by Most Rev. Edward Francis, then Bishop of Sivagangai to take over a parish in the diocese. The idea of ‘MAIYAM’ was new in the mind of the provincial. So he thought of a place which will be at the center from where Salesians would go to the villages around for ministry. The diocesan authorities bifurcated few villages from three parishes and made them into one parish and handed them over to Salesians. Bosco Maiyam was chosen to be the center place for 12 villages to cater for their spiritual needs. Finally the Parish of Sagaya Nagar, with Sagaya Annai as patroness was inaugurated on 08.12.1989, on the feast of Mary Immaculate. The villages belonging to this centre are: Nedungulam, Kalluvazhi, Pallithammam, Puliyadithammam, Othapunjai, Nedodai, Alagapuri, Karuvikadu, Veladithammam, and Ammapattinam. Two villages of our parish have been given to the newly erected Parish of Kalaikulam, administered by Pallotine Fathers.

Bosco Maiyam is a multi-purpose centre which eventually became a community of Salesians engaged in a variety of services for the villagers. Fr. Edward Xavier and Fr. David Job were the pioneers to start the ministry at Pallithammam. They stayed in Kalluvazhi and served the people. Then they constructed the residential block at the center. The residential block was inaugurated in 1990.

2.Scope of the House (Original & Later Developments)

The original scope of the house was to establish and to build a Parish which was given to the Salesians in the year 1989. The Christopher Home which was run by a lay person was also given to the Salesians to look after in the year 1991. In order to educate the children in and around Pallithammam, Don Bosco higher secondary school was established, built and began to function in the year 1991. Since our presence is surrounded by Catholics, the Pre-Novitiate was started in the year 1991 to give catholic impetus to the parish. Lake of water, it was shifted to Coimbatore, Vellakinar. To avoid unemployment and to create job opportunities for the youngsters in the parish, Don Bosco ITC had its commencement in 1997 but had to be closed down in 2013 due to lack of admissions. Later, the Aspirantate was started in 2000 to help the aspirants to study in their mother tongue. Again, it was shifted to Thanjavur for lack of water.

3.History of the Parish

The new Diocese of Sivgangai was bifurcated from the Archdiocese of Madurai on 30.08.1987. The Parish which was given to the Salesians by the new diocese was officially inaugurated on December 8, 1989 on the feast day of Immaculate Conception. The new parish of the Salesians had Sahaya Annai (Mary Help of Christians) as patroness.

Foundation stone was laid for the Salesian residence on the day of inauguration. In the beginning, the parish priest was staying in the Bishop’s House. From December 13, 1989 he began to stay at Susaiapparpattinam. Then salesians moved to Kalluvazhi on March 26, 1990. The place was named as Sahaya Nagar after its patroness. Although people of Pallithammam were claiming erect parish in their own village later they accepted the proposal of the Diocese and the Salesians and built Bosco Maiyam.

The Diocese donated 3.13 acres of land, where the School building is partly built and it also donated 28.85 acres of land that was belonging to the people of Pallithammam, where we have the playground, ITI and the farm. The Salesians bought 6.26 acres of land and built their residence. The parish began to develop under the care of Salesians of undivided Chennai Province until the erection of the Tiruchy Province on 25 March 1999 and continues to grow under the Salesian province of Tiruchy.

3.1 Developments

Parish began its spiritual ministry in the following villages: Nedungulam, Kalluvazhy, Pallithammam, Puliyadithammam, Othapunjai, Nedodai, Alagapuri, Karuvikadu, Veladithammam, Ammapattinam, Vellakudi and Marathur. It had Vincent de Paul society, Legion of Mary and Society for Preparation of Happy Death. Latter Altar boys association and youth Groups were also begun. Chapel was built at Karuvikadu and was blessed on 20th May 1992. Nedodai Chapel was built and blessed on 19th November 1994. Veladithammam Chapel was built and blessed in 1994. Vellakudi Chapel was built and blessed on 21st October 1995. Alagapuri Chapel was built and blessed on 16th July 2000. Nedungulam Chapel was built and blessed on 18th August 2001. In 2010, when the Parish of Kalaikulam was erected the two villages Vellakudi and Marathur were attached to the new parish.

People of Puliyadithammam renovated the church in 2011. Anbiams (BCC) were formed and Inaugurated on 12th August 2012. New building was built for R.C. School in Nedungulam with M.P. Fund and with the support of the House. Parish Council was formed in 2012 based on Anbiams.  In Kalluvazhi, new Church was built and blessed on 20.06.2015 with the sole effort of the people in the Village. Foundation was laid on 27.08.2014 for a new building at Pallithammam for the R.C. Middle School. The idea of building a parish church in Pallithammam emerged from the people and the site was blessed by the Bp. Soosai Manickam DD in 2014 during the jubilee year of the Parish. A new shed was erected in 2017 to instill devotion to Sahaya Annai and to St. Antony. It has brought a new outlook to the parish. After two years once again we began construction of Sahaya Annai Church on 8th December 2018.

4.History of the School (Self-Financed)

The Provincial of undivided Chennai Province Rev. Fr. Vincent Durairaj sdb gave permission to start Don Bosco High School under Tamil Nadu state board Tamil medium in June 1991 and it was upgraded as Higher Secondary School in 1993. The School got its recognition on 03.06.1992. It has been supported by the Salesian Province. The benefactors of Fr. Capiaghi funded for the infrastructural development and for running of the school.  Don Bosco School Building was built and blessed on 27th June 1993. Capiaghi Memorial Hall was blessed on February 1, 2000.

The school served the neighborhood very much. Due to attraction towards English medium, students of the neighborhood moved to English medium schools. Number of admissions came down in our school and hence boarding was started to keep up the strength in the school and to serve the poorest of the poor. Now the school is catering to the students of Sivagangai and Ramnad districts. Most of them who come to our school are first generation learners and are children of coolies. The School celebrated its Silver Jubilee on November 6, 2015 presided over by Rt. Rev. Jeromedhos Varuvel D.D. sdb, Bishop of Kuzhithurai Diocese.

4.1 Developments     

The School was started as High School in 10.06.1991 and the government gave its recognition in 03.06.1992. Don Bosco School Building was built and was blessed on 27th June 1993. The School was upgraded as Higher Secondary School with two groups on 05.07.1993. Latter additional courses such as Computer science and History also began. In order to educate the students with computer, Capiaghi Memorial Computer Academy (CMCA) was started on Dec 8th 1999 in the ITC Block and later shifted to the School building in January 2012. Drinking water plant was installed and the old bore well was activated in May 2012. The school celebrated its jubilee in 2015. To mark its celebration, the school was renovated and additional toilets for boys were built. In 2017, a new photo copier and fans were bought for the school. All the benches and toilets were repaired to give quality accommodation for the students. To fulfill the need of the people of the locality, Salesians upgraded the school with parallel English medium and named the school as DBSAY (Don Bosco School for Accompanying the Young) to bloom, to flourish and to accomplish. A new canteen was started to cater to the needs of the students on 10th June 2017. December 2017 CCTV cameras were fixed in the School. Primary School was started in 13.06.2018 on the feast of St. Antony of Padua by Rev. Fr. Irudayaraj, Superintendent of RC Schools at Sivagangai Diocese. Renovation of Primary School and Parallel English Medium in 2019. Purchase of TV and other equipment’s for the School in 2019. Laying roads with interlocks, main entrance for Primary School and New gates for Primary School in the beginning of 2020.

5.Don Bosco ITC

ITC was started in 1996. Don Bosco ITC Building was constructed and blessed on 03.01.1996. Electrician course under State pattern and Non-formal courses were run in the ITC. With the funds received through program project Computer DTP and Non-formal courses were begun latter. Hostel was started for the ITC boys in 1999. The Sri Lankan refugees were offered non-formal training under a project & through MoRD Project. Due to lack of admission, the ITC was closed in 2012.

6.History of Christopher Home

Christopher home for children was started in 1965 at Nedungulam by Mr. Papaiah to support the primary school at Nedungulam. Later the management of the home was transferred to CIC Sisters at Susaiapparpattinam. When the Salesians arrived in 1989 it was promised but handed over to the Salesians only in June 01, 1991.

Don Bosco High School was started in 1991 and it was upgraded as Higher Secondary School in 1993. Hence High School and Higher Secondary School girls were admitted in Christopher Home for Children where so far only primary children were admitted.  The SMA Sisters began to take care of the home from June 05, 2002.

Don Rua Pre-novitiate was shifted from Tirupattur to Pallithammam on January 05, 1992 and it was shifted to Vellakinar in 1994. From 2000 to 2009, it was an Aspirantate. Then, it was converted as Christopher home for Boys. In 2012 it was divided into hostel and boarding to provide better care for the poor. The hostel was established in the ITI Block called Magone Home and the Boarding was established in the residence side called Capiaghi Home. The service station of ITC was used as kitchen and it was renovated in 2013. The old toilets were renovated and new ones were built in March 2013. New bore well was put-up for the hostel and the boarding in December 2014. Drinking water facilities were provided for the boys hostel and the Girls boarding in July 2015. Currently students from the two districts of Sivagangai and Ramnad are being benefitted from the children home irrespective of caste and creed. We do get students from other districts who are sent by the Salesians.

The Benefactors of Fr. Capiaghi are supporting the Children home through the province and in addition to this the province is also making its contribution for the maintenance of the children and the children home. Christopher Home for Children consists of Margaret home at Nedungulam for girls and primary children, Capiaghi home at Bosco Maiyam for poor boarding boys and Magone home at Bosco Maiyam for hostel boys and it is registered under Section 34(3) of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 as amended in 2006 and rules therein for a period of five years from 03.05.2015 to 02.03.2020.  Since we have begun Primary School and Parallel English Medium in the hostel building hostel was shifted to Rua home. To accommodate more boys we have bought cots for boys to sleep. Renovation of Kitchen and Refectory had been done in 2019.

7.CAPIAGHI Farm House

The land was donated by the people of Pallithammam through the Diocese when the parish was erected. The diocese dug an open well while handing over the land. This was developed into a farm by the Salesians and they dug another well to support the farm. It has got free electricity for agricultural purpose. The Farm got developed during the time of Fr. Kuriakose. He got the help of Fr. Capiaghi Benefactors and established it as Capiaghi Farm and built a farm house. He planted Cashews, Teak wood and coconut trees. Later, Salesians cultivated sugarcane. In 2011, internal roads were laid and went in for cultivation of vegetables for the boarders through drip irrigation. 500 Teak woods were planted in 2013. 1500 Red Sandals were planted in 2015 and other establishments were done in 2015 with the able guidance of Fr. Antony Joseph, the Rector. The community of 2017-18 planned to concentrate more on farm and generate income from the farm through cultivation of paddy, ground-nuts, banana trees and vegetables. There is a plan to start a dairy farm in the coming years.  2019 March we have planted around 7500 tree plants in the form. 2020 – 2021 we are planning to make our farm as a modern form where school children can come and learn many things regarding nature.

8.Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The Silver Jubilee of the parish was begun on December 08, 2013 and the grand celebration of the Silver Jubilee was celebrated on 7th and 8th of December 2014. During the silver jubilee of the parish, the foundation stone of the new parish church was laid by Most Rev. Susaimanickam DD, the Bishop of Sivagangai. The Higher Secondary School had its silver jubilee celebrations in the year 2015 in the month of August. Most Rev. Jeromedhass Varuvel DD, The Bishop of Kuzhidurai presided over the celebrations.