What are extracurricular activities?
Extracurricular activities are those that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school.

Extracurricular activities are generally voluntary as opposed to mandatory, non-paying, social, philanthropic as opposed to scholastic, and often involve others of the same age. Students often organize and direct these activities under teacher sponsorship.

Activities that often involve some time commitment outside of the regular school day, such as sports and band, are also considered extracurricular activities.

Why does the school offer extracurricular activities?
Academics are an important part of each student's school year. Extracurricular activities are another component of a well-rounded education -- outside the regular academic program -- that may positively impact a student's success. Besides being fun and a great way to socialize with peers, extracurricular activities can enhance a student's time management and stress management skills, improving their overall productivity and academic performance. When a co-curricular activity is being offered, it is included in the daily announcements and occasionally posters are placed around the school.

MUSIC 100/- (Saturdays)
CHESS 150/- (Thursday & Saturdays)
YOGA 50/- (Tuesdays)
KARATE 50/- (Saturdays)
SHUTTLE 100/- (Saturdays)
CRICKET 150/- (Saturdays)
BHARATANATYAM 150/- (Saturdays)
TABLE TENNIS 100/- (Saturdays)