Every student during their stay in school should undergo training in either NSS or Scouts or Guides or Junior Red Cross.

Scout or Guides training is imparted in the school to improve the standard of our future citizenship, especially in character and health, to replace self with service, to make lads individually efficient, both morally and physically with the sole object of using that efficiency for service of their fellowmen, with its motto, “Be Prepared.”

Junior Red Cross aims at promoting personal health and hygiene. It instils in young minds a thirst for nation building. It inculcates in them the virtues of service mindedness, unity and integrity. Service to humanity is the sap on which the movement thrives. Its motto is; “ I Serve”

C) N.S.S.
N.S.S. tries to make the students aware of the dignity of labour and gives enough opportunity to its members to move with the public. The members are encouraged to believe in the concept “Not me, But You.”

The School has many clubs that provide facilities for students to develop their skills in activities other than academics. Every student is expected to become a member of at least two clubs.