Anbiyam refers to Basic Christian Communities (BCCs). The Basic Christian Communities were born impulsively in the year 1960s and 1970s, mainly in Latin America, also in Italy, among catholic groups. It was solely by the effect of the Vatican Council II (ended in 1965). They wanted to give a new meaning to their conscious life of faith in Jesus Christ the Lord our God. 

The main aim of Anbiyam is that people have 'God with us experience'. Anbiyam is the basic organization that brings the people of our Parish together. There are about 25 Anbiyams in our Parish and each Anbiyam is led by an active Leader.

They meet once a week and share the Word of God. They also discuss various issues that the community face and find solutions for them. They also pray for each other and care for each other. There are number of activities happening in the Anbiyams to deepen the Christian faith of each member of the Anbiyam and to help each other in their financial, social and educational needs. Family prayers have become the centre of all activities that in turn result in spreading of the Word of God, and increase the Social commitment. Hidden talents of many a people are come to light and are being noticed. Active participation by each member is a success. The training and meeting for the Leaders of Anbiyams are conducted by the Parish Priest.



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